Stryker ® – Introducing the new ProCuity bed series


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Introducing the new
bed series

360 degree animation of Stryker's ProCuity bed




Keeping patients safe is at the heart of everything we do.



Ergonomically designed with electric brakes, ProCuity aids in preventing patient falls with a low height of 29.2cm.

Stryker's ProCuity Bed - side view

Stryker's ProCuity Bed - side view



A connected bed for all patient care environments, it is a truly wireless bed featuring advanced fall prevention technologies.


ProCuity can accommodate patients across the care continuum – from MedSurg up to the ICU – allowing hospitals to standardize their bed fleet and help improve caregiver workflow efficiencies.

Stryker's ProCuity Bed - diagonal view

One bed all acuity levels

From MedSurg up to the ICU



Stryker's ProCuity Bed - L model

L model

29,2 cm low height

4″ screen

Stryker's ProCuity Bed - LE model

LE model

All features of L model 


29,2 cm low height

Electric brakes

USB outlet

Yellow wireless icon

Add wireless to LE model



Wireless connectivity

Our exclusive iBed Wireless technology powers ProCuity. Designed with interoperability in mind, it allows bed data – such as bed configuration and bed exit alarm activity – to be sent remotely to our iBed applications or the Hospital Information Systems (HIS)in your facility.

Wirelessly connected without the 37-pin cables

Our new cable-less nurse call, Secure Connect offers a connection every time a bed enters a room.

Enhanced patient
data visibility

iBed Vision, our new clinical dashboard, is designed to provide caregivers with increased visibility to safe bed configuration and bed exit alarm activity to help prevent falls.

Image of Stryker's ProCuity bed wirelessly connecting to iBed Vision


Spotlight on ProCuity

Stryker's ProCuity Bed - on-screen safety prompts

Safety prompts

Stryker's ProCuity Bed - 3 zone adaptive bed alarm

3-zone Adaptive Bed Alarm

Stryker's ProCuity bed series - Patient Assist for getting up and out of bed

Patient Assist for getting up and out of bed

Stryker's ProCuity bed series - USB port and phone holder

USB port and phone holder 

Stryker's ProCuity bed series - 30-cm integrated bed extender

30 cm integrated bed extender

Stryker's ProCuity bed series - Electric brakes

Electric brakes

Experience brilliance

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